Cling Film

Industry Food Wrap

  • Our industrial kitchen cling film range is stronger and thicker than cheap cling film wrap designed for home kitchens
  • Cling Film is a multipurpose clingfilm suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, or microwave
  • Come in a single-use sturdy plastic cutter box which all have an easy tear off-cutter blade
  • Just pull out the quantity required, slice it quickly & safely by pressing down the concealed cutter

Commercial Food Wrap

  • Commercial cling film – professional, industrial, quality cling film wrap for caterers.
  • Cling film is a thin plastic film used for sealing food items in containers to keep them fresh for longer.
  • Our catering cling films are designed for wrapping and storing food in your fridge and freezer and as a lidding agent in your microwave.
  • Our huge range of kitchen cling film rolls are all supplied 

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